Take nature walks, identify flowers and plants, watch birds, stroll, meditate, read by the fireside, play games, swim in the exotic pool or rejuvenate with a massage. Come alone or come with someone – there’s plenty to keep you happy at Samode Bagh, a perfect retreat from your daily hustle.

And when you’ve done with the easy relaxing, get adventurous, saddle up for horse or camel safaris around the rugged countryside – into villages and fields- into Samode and around. Take a jeep if you will. Have a meal with the village folk. Drive up to the splendid Samode Palace – ideally dine there or have tea or a drink. You may want to walk through the cobbled lanes of Samode village and market, stopping by the little shops of the bangle maker, the cloth merchant, or the gemstone expert.

If you have an extra day, visit Jaipur – you could also stop by at Samode Haveli and continue to enjoy our hospitality.