Guest Testimonial

‘Beware the ides of March’ said Shakespeare, for he knew you should not come to the Samode Safari Lodge, for you cannot get away. And yet I came on the 15th of March! It’s not so easy to leave so soon for one is pampered to the bone. Hotels there are many but those which touch your heart and delight your senses, are so few. Felicitations on its creation and even more so on its running.

Great food, great everything. I will come back with my kids. Don’t forget me. It was great.

Age 9

What wonderful days! We were treated like royalty ! Five tigers in one go !!! Our naturalist was most knowledgeable – we will return sometime !! We leave with a happy heart with much love to all the staff.

“La, tout n’est qu’ordre et beaute luxe calme et volupte” Charles Beaudelaire Thank you for transforming hospitality into art.

To all the staff at Samode Safari Lodge, this place is so very special not because of its amenities, fantastic as they are, not because of its tigers, and they are a wonder, but because of all of you and the welcome you extend to your guests.

Thanks a lot for the amazing stay with the entire Samode Safari Lodge team. “The way is not the sky, the way is in the heart.” lots of love.

We had a fantastic stay here. The attention to detail is un paralleled, the staff most attentive and really care to give you a wonderful experience. Don’t ever give up on seeing (another) tiger – we saw one close to the lodge on the way home one night. Best wishes for your continued success.

Small piece of paradise –
Its in the heart, its in the details, its in the people. It is Samode.
Loved it, loved it, loved it.

A place so original with unforgettable decor and the lovely card we found every night in our room with poetic sentences ! We’ve never seen that anywhere else !

There are place that let silence speak volume – this place is one of them. Magic, poetry, music, warmth come alive in many ways. We came here bone weary and are leaving feeling completely revived. Needless to say, the ambience, the caring hospitality, the lovely comfort and game drives took care of it all ! Unforgettable !

Tigers every day, 24/7 care – no better place in India for hospitality.

Thanks to all the team at Samode Safari Lodge for making us feel more comfortable than at home ! Some special thanks …
To Yadu for being an outstanding naturalist guide – on par with the best in Southern Africa.
To Shafat for gourmet meals in the outback !
To Yogi and the entire polite and attentive staff who silently saw to our every needs.
To Gauri and Vaishnavi for being such gracious hostesses !
We hope to be back.

To my tigers of Bandhavgarh.
I have never, I repeat never gone back to a hotel 4 times in six or more months but your gracious hospitality, fabulous service (which I can never fault) and willingness to please wants me selfishly to want more – so I am back again and wanting to come back again and again.
To me you are the real tigers of Bandhavgarh, my tigers, my friends !